Calling All Platypuses

You’re at the intersection of editorial, code, design and product, and I’m looking for you. I wrote a post for Source to bring more attention to some community-building I’ve been doing with other people at the intersection of journalism and tech.

My Story as a DMV Edge Case: How to Battle Bureaucracy and Win

The post I originally wrote on Medium became an accountability and UX design story for ProPublica, alongside a fabulous illustration by Pep Montserrat.

I baffled the DMV with a form for my low-vision condition. And then all this happened.

The DMV was stumped by my paperwork. Here’s how I got through that and some advice about getting what you need from terrible systems.

Please stop calling me a guru.

Journalism has, in my experience, had a difficult time figuring out what to call the people filling the technology centric jobs that didn’t exist a decade ago.

Pro tip: Guru is not a good option.