How to bring your bike with you on NYC public transit

The most common question we get about bikes in New York City is if you can take them on the subway. (Yes, you can, but please avoid rush hour.) As the pandemic stretched on in New York and people lined up to buy bicycles, I redesigned and rewrote the bike page on the MTA site.

I started by migrating all of the content from the old page onto our new site. I researched rules and guidelines and interviewed co-workers, then rewrote the page. I also included information about non-MTA cycling resources, like the city Department of Transportation’s maps and the Citi Bike bike-share program.

Two screenshots side-by-side, showing a web page with large photos and organized text, compared to an outdated-looking page that’s mostly text.

The new MTA bike page, left, compared to the old one.

I knew I wanted photos that illustrated specific guidelines, like where to stand with your bike on a train and how to get through turnstiles. I worked with MTA photographer Marc Hermann and volunteers from the MTA’s bike-to-work group to art-direct and edit the photos we published on the page.

The new bike page got great feedback from cycling and transportation advocates in the city. This tweet in particular utterly made my day.

A screenshot of a tweet reading, ‘This is going to sound kind of dumb, but publishing a page that actually promotes bicycling, includes info on non-MTA modes (ferry, CitiBike), and organizes information so clearly and comprehensively would not have happened a decade ago. MTA comms doing great work.’