About me

I’m a content strategist and editor, with rigorous training in journalism and web production. I believe the government should work better for people. Right now I’m the content strategist on a new Digital Services team at the MTA here in New York.

Previously, I worked at ProPublica, a nonprofit newsroom in New York City that investigates abuses of power. Most recently I was production editor. I managed a team of story producers, oversaw publishing and operations, assembled cross-team groups around big projects, and art-directed major stories. I also worked with ProPublica’s platform team to develop and test new features for the CMS and ProPublica.org.

Before ProPublica, I was an associate news producer at The Seattle Times, where I was part of a team that won a Pulitzer Prize for breaking news in 2015. I curated headlines and photos on seattletimes.com, managed social media as needed and designed special digital projects.

Find me on Twitter and GitHub.

How this site is made

I use the static-site generator Jekyll to develop and deploy this site. I hosted this on GitHub Pages for a bit and then moved it over to BlueHost, mostly to figure out how the heck DNS stuff works.

My professional work is almost always in a CMS, so I enjoy the challenge of creating more of the infrastructure. And I get to appreciate how smart my dev/design friends are.

Lately I’ve been setting up conditional logic loops in Liquid to improve and automate parts of my site. I’m especially excited about two things:

  • Having a nice default image populate in OG image tags by default, and
  • Adding an OG:image:alt attribute to page headers. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the alt text describes my default OG image unless I’ve specified a different image for that page. In that case, it will use the specific image description I write.

If you have other feedback about the design or code, or you just want to talk about static-site generators and fun dev tools, feel free to email me at [last name] dot [first name] at gmail.