About me

I’m a content strategist and editor, with rigorous training in journalism and web production. I believe the government should work better for people. Right now I’m originating a content strategy role with Two Twelve, a public information design group in NYC. Previously, I was the content strategist on a new Digital Services team at the MTA here in New York.

I worked at ProPublica, a nonprofit newsroom in New York City that investigates abuses of power. Most recently I was production editor. I managed a team of story producers, oversaw publishing and operations, assembled cross-team groups around big projects, and art-directed major stories. I also worked with ProPublica’s platform team to develop and test new features for the CMS and ProPublica.org.

Before ProPublica, I was an associate news producer at The Seattle Times, where I was part of a team that won a Pulitzer Prize for breaking news in 2015.

How to get in touch

Find me on Twitter and GitHub. If you want to talk about collaborating (or Oxford commas, or my bird) email me at [last name] dot [first name] at gmail.com.

How this site is made

I use the static-site generator Jekyll to develop and deploy this site. I hosted this on GitHub Pages for a bit and then moved it over to BlueHost, mostly to figure out how the heck DNS stuff works.

My professional work is almost always in a CMS, so I enjoy the challenge of creating more of the infrastructure. And I get to appreciate how smart my dev/design friends are.

Lately I’ve been setting up conditional logic loops in Liquid to improve and automate parts of my site. I’m especially excited about two things:

  • Having a nice default image populate in OG image tags by default, and
  • Adding an OG:image:alt attribute to page headers. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the alt text describes my default OG image unless I’ve specified a different image for that page. In that case, it will use the specific image description I write.

If you have other feedback about the design or code, or you just want to talk about static-site generators and fun dev tools, drop me a line.