Conference sessions and talks

  • How to be compassionate toward yourself for at least an hour (SRCCON 2020)
  • Platypuses, Unicorns and Zebras: Build Careers that Bridge Editorial and Business (ONA 2019, with Elizabeth Hansen, André Natta, Anna Nirmala, and Wendi Thomas)
  • Proud to be a Platypus: Finding Your Own Innovative Role in News (SRCCON 2019, with Vignesh Ramachandran)
  • Real talk about navigating disability in the newsroom (SRCCON 2018, with Jasmine Mithani)
  • Are you Hamilton or are you Burr? What you can learn about benignly manipulating the people around you (SRCCON 2017)
  • User testing: Gathering insight to make better stories (NICAR 2017, with Clarisa Diaz)

Mentorship events

I organized ProPublica’s Diversity Mentorship Program for three consecutive years, starting in 2017.

The program is designed to pair people from traditionally underrepresented communities in journalism with hand-picked mentors who can help them succeed. We paid special attention to journalists in the middle of their careers — when it can be especially difficult to find a mentor — who were looking to move to the next level.

I heard very positive feedback from mentors and mentees every year. Many of them are still in touch with each other (and with me!).