Illustration commissions

Illustration commissions

Baffling the DMV with my low-vision condition

Illustration by Pep Montserrat

Investigating the racial bias in clinical drug trials

Illustration by Chiara Morra

Conflicts of interest in academic research

Illustration by María Hergueta

Age discrimination and layoffs at IBM

Illustration by Richard Borge

Investigating McKinsey & Co.

Illustration by Leonardo Santamaria

Kids, separated from their parents, going without medical care at the border

Illustration by Juan Bernabeu

Investigating TurboTax and the IRS

Illustrations by Richard Borge and Kevin Whipple

The false promise of cap and trade

Illustration by Cam Cottrill

Lured across the border by pharma companies

Illustration by Evangeline Gallagher

Violence in California prisons

Illustration by Greg Betza

Families and doctors at odds over Do Not Resuscitate orders

Illustration by Carlo Giambarresi

How the Trump administration undercut ICE efforts to stop smuggling

Illustration by Adrià Fruitós

Teenage informant deported after helping police

Illustration by Christian Frederiksen

A hospital’s high mortality rate for heart transplants

Illustration by

Illustration by Pep Montserrat

Dr. Death: Charged with homicide and operating anyway

Illustration by Nate Kitch

Halting civil rights investigations in America’s schools

Illustration by André da Loba

For-profit schools where students say discipline has gone too far

Illustration by Brian Stauffer